Monday, October 29, 2007

Red (Ribbon) Mage.

My White Mage's static has been running on Sundays mainly, with sporadic sessions if/when the opportunity presents itself. We had a good one this past week, camping in Aydeewa on Defoliator mobs. I invited Manders, who I have had on my Friend List ever since some merit parties a few months ago during which I found Manders to be a quality, experienced player across quite a few jobs.

We ended up with the static WHM | THF | NIN alongside Manders on RNG, a BLM, and a RDM. Seemed like a more "traditional" setup to me, what with half the party being mages. I can't remember the last time I was in a party with all three mage jobs in it. Anyway, the party went quite smoothly, perhaps most notably due to the Red Mage's quick finger placed on the Dispel trigger. We ran a good few hours at least, and when the mages got ready to head out for the night, we took a break.

As we often like to do, we went our separate ways, to get food/drink/etc. and see how we feel about another run. When I got back to the keyboard, I was pleased to find that the guys were still up for more. Manders was still around and still seeking for more. The second time we headed out we coincidentally got Aerroenu to come with, using her Red Mage. She had just happened to log in and heard us talking in LS chat about another run, I suppose. I had a blast partying with Aerro, or "Ribbons" as I like to call her. She kept saying she was rusty but she did great and kept me entertained so it was more than worth the invitation. Much love, Ribbons!

The static rests at 62/63, with me being just shy of leveling. I might catch a Besieged or two in order to catch up to the guys, but so far so good. I'm enjoying White Mage a fair bit, actually. Not my favorite job but due to the skill of the always-reliable Galbatorix it's a more relaxing experience than some people may have with such a responsibility.

As far as my own skill goes, I tend to do pretty well whether we have Refresh or not, with the one being obviously more efficient than the other. We don't see death often, if at all, clearly due to Galb being absolutely the best Ninja I've ever played with. Haste my Ninja, toss Regen around liberally, and watch the EXP roll in.

Finally today, I'll post a pic of my brother's character, who is now in a static with his Warrior. He was pretty proud of himself upon reaching 40 and getting some of the cooler-looking heavy armor:

Until next time~

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