Monday, October 15, 2007

Hot Fuzz.

Random Picture of the Day: Sodako and I standing around the Dunes, looking as cool as ever.

I watched Hot Fuzz while playing some FFXI. Not as funny as I found Shawn of the Dead to be, but pretty entertaining nonetheless. I farmed and did some crafting Monday evening, in an effort to fatten my wallet a little. I've not spent much time on gilmaking since being back to the game, so various expenses have left me with less than I like to carry on a regular basis.

The rest of this week will likely be meat-and-potatoes, so to speak. Nothing flashy or new planned, but I'll likely work more on Charybdis, leveling, and some continued gil production. Ideally, we'll get Charybdis for Valion and have that ToD to judge the next spawning and possibly get him again. As we'll probably come to find, other players camped in Sea Serpent Grotto to acquire time-of-death will then show up for the subsequent pop. Thus it'll renew the cycle again, and that's annoying.

I've still got MNK35 to work on, with the gear I need up until 40. A couple equipment adjustments will have it ready to take to 50 for Artifact quests. Dark Knight is at 38 and needs to get to 40 (for now) in order to be used in a Promathia Mission soon. I've got gear for that as well. My WAR still rests at 52, close to leveling, and is essentially set for quite some time gear-wise. My only stipulation with Warrior is that the new 2-handed weapon update practically mandates that I catch up on Great Axe skill and use that instead of regular Axe. That'll need to be handled.

My Bard is at 67 and shouldn't be too painful to cap out to 75. Beastmaster, on the other hand, is at 21 and isn't as simple a task. On the bright side, the EXP penalty we used to incur by having a charmed pet is gone, so it should be considerably quicker. In addition, Sodako is at 19 on BST and a duo works great with this job.

I mentioned Promathia, which is something I pick at occasionally. I'm not one to care a lot about Sea access in particular, but getting some missions done will make me happy. For Zilart, I'm on the 12th mission and that happens to be the only battle keeping me out of Sky. This will be remedied soon. For Treasures of Aht Urghan, there are roughly 50 missions and only a handful are actual battles that require a full party. I'll enjoy getting some of those done, eventually getting a silly new crown to wear and a quality ring as well.

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