Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sky, Sic, and Skill.

I'd like to start out this entry with some death. Thus I share these lovely pics of Soda's SAM with my BRD. Can you guess who got killed trying to make up for the lack of skill from our Paladin? (And then got sat on for great justice...)

Moving on... The procrastination had gone on long enough. It was finally time to get me access to Sky. Fmtwo, Valion, Iferion, Xaquel, Sodako, and I headed to Quicksand Caves to find the tucked-away NM spawn location. Along the way, we killed a few Sabotenders (read: walking cactus things) which drop a Rare/Exclusive quest item I needed. Sure enough, we got the drop on the fourth or fifth kill. I lotted on it, but never received it. The reason? Auto-Run. I had my character on autopilot while I typed, and had no idea I was heading right into a zone line. Thus, since everyone else passed on the item, we lost it. Not a huge deal, but it irritated me.

The NM was a Magic Jug. It barely had the chance to do anything with the amount of raw damage we threw at it. I pulled a decent (at best) Impulse Drive (which is a gimpy WS by the way) to open Darkness for Iferion. As is usually the case, once Iferion uses a Weapon Skill, Iferion is the tank. In fact, with the rapid and liberal Stun use by this NM, I don't think Ifer was able to take another action the rest of the battle. FM and Val did Light afterward, and it was all but over. I didn't take a screenshot of the fight because it was too brief, quite frankly.

After leaving Q-Caves, I headed off to get my cut-scenes and finally see Sky. It takes a while to hike all the way there, but I made it. To be honest, I didn't particularly find it impressive. I snapped a pic or two of me running around exploring.

Some good news this weekend was the return of a long-time friend of mine/ours, Sicfreak. I met Sic in a Linkshell I associated with after my return from a six-month break I took in '04-'05. He's been one of TheSolonavi's most entertaining and helpful personalities ever since. Like many of the 'Navi, Sic levels pretty much every job and is skilled in each. Right away, he got back to the XP grind. Great to once again see Sic after work each evening.

On the skillup front, I had the chance and assistance to use my 52 Warrior to work on Great Axe. We chased around a bunch of crabs & lizards in Kuftal Tunnel after our stint in Garlaige Citadel. I ended up with my G.Axe being high enough to use effectively in EXP parties, so I was happy. Then I changed jobs to Paladin to work on Club. It was about 142 and I took it to 168 before we called it a night.
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