Sunday, October 14, 2007

Moar Squid Hunting.

Saturday evening, Dyce approached me with his desire to obtain a Phantom Fleuret.

This is for his Corsair, and would be a cool weapon for the Ranged Accuracy & Ranged Attack. The source of this weapon is, you guessed it: a big squid NM. This particular one spawns on the boat that sails from Aht Urghan Whitegate to Nashmau. Its name is Proteus, and it is not terribly friendly. It hits fast, it hits hard, and it doesn't take very well to being trifled with.

My first encounter with Proteus was with Dungeonwhipper about a year ago. We were taking the boat together, and happened to be the only two on the ride at the time. She headed up to the deck, and opened up the door. Instantly, Proteus aggros and smacks her. I, being a Paladin, Provoke it thinking we're gonna have to kill it. Proteus promptly laid us both out before I even saw what its name was. I looked over at her, sitting on the couch, and she was of course enjoying the situation. I sighed and waited until we hit shore and was raised by a friendly passerby.

This time, it was different. We had many helpers along for the ride, and a murderous intent.

After killing Proteus, which for the record didn't drop the sword, we spent the next hour or so traveling back and forth on the boat, hoping to see it again. We didn't for quite some time, but did manage a few laughs.

For some reason, and I'm not sure if it's always been this way or it is simply a current glitch, the boat does not load correctly. The cutscene showing us arriving doesn't occur as it probably is designed to, and thus you can run from the dock out into the designated area for the boat whilst it approaches the port. The result: a bunch of goofballs running out onto what appears to be the surface of the water.

We eventually lost a couple of members to the late hour. Sodako arrived on THF to assist with his Treasure Hunter 2 Job Trait. I feel a little badly, however, because when the NM finally did pop the second time, it wasn't such an easy fight. Actually, in the interest of full disclosure, we got stomped. Hard. It was a little amusing, but it was just a not-so-great end to the evening. Oh well... You win some, you lose some. Until next time~

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