Saturday, October 13, 2007


I needed a title; leave me alone. This entry is all about random stuff I have done recently, so here goes.

My brother (Anacalius) and I climbed Delkfutt's Tower for his rank 3-3 mission. It was dull, but he did manage to die trying to take a screenshot of me killing the NM giant. Then, the door came down like a guillotine and comedy was born:

Cali gets transported around a lot by my special magics. We've had to redo some of the more tedious, yet very easy tasks for a low-level character, so here's a couple shots of that happening. No good reason, mind you.

I finally had the guts to try out a Dynamis run with my lolSatellite connection. I feared the worst, having already had Besieged show me how bad lag could be. I hoped I could at least participate. Luckily for me, Dynamis-Windurst went off without a hitch, despite having very few people attend (barely over one alliance worth). I now only need Dynamis-Jeuno completion to gain access to the Outland areas of Dynamis.

When bored, as usual, I head out to kill things. My Adventuring Fellow, Liabelle, is level 64. This happens to be one level off the cap for NPCs and so I've been working her a bit in effort to cap her off. At the same time, skilling a little Great Sword. This particular outing I was solo and didn't enjoy it for very long, but I did take pics.

Lastly, BCNM. Fmtwo, Sodako, and I decided to burn up a few Beastmen's Seals and run Royal Jelly. We managed a little money, including the formerly-awesome, currently-decent drop of an Archer's Ring. Here's a shot of us waiting for Soda to come back from AFK to teleport us:

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