Friday, October 12, 2007

(Joy)Toys for (Grownup) Tots.

Charybdis is an annoying NM and I barely believe it exists! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, NM trouble again. This time it's not really for me, at least not yet.

First, a little background: Charybdis is a giant squid, as you can see. It's an NM that can pop roughly every eight hours, and has stupidly long spawn window (read: it wastes your time). Just getting to see this NM is annoying enough for someone like me, but then there's the fact that it takes a few people to claim it due to competition. Next, you get to deal with the small detail of making Charybdis die. Now, some jobs can solo it if played well. However, this thing hits quickly and is generally done with a few high-level characters.

Cast of characters involved, mainly:
Fmtwo: Monk
Valion: Paladin, Samurai, or Corsair
Me: Bard, for this particular project (Elegy to slow the NM's attacks, Haste and Evasion songs for buffs)
Then we get whomever is around at the time, including Sodako, Xaquel, Nivi, Iferion, etc.

Why go through all this? Here's why: the Joyeuse.

Affectionately dubbed as the "Joytoy" by the player base, this sword is among the coolest in the game. The "occasionally attacks twice" occurs approximately 45% of the time by best estimates. The DMG rating is respectable, though not markedly high. The delay is pretty short, making it both a quick repeater and an amazing offhand weapon when subbing Ninja for Dual Wield. It is usable by my PLD, BRD, and DRG, as well as two more jobs I have 50+ (WAR and RDM). One more nifty little bonus point is that the Joytoy does piercing-type damage, which is nice for many popularly-camped targets at higher levels.

Fmtwo has a Joyeuse as of a week or so ago. Valion is next up, and in theory we'll manage one for me as well. So far, we've spent a few evenings down in the Sea Serpent Grotto working on Charybdis. It's been painstaking, and so far I haven't even seen the NM. We're relatively determined though. All in due time...

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