Saturday, October 27, 2007

Visual Aid: October.

Red October is drawing to a close, and it's been a fun month. This entry is all about the pictures.

This first pic is a chat log the other day, in which the linkies realize they've been playing Final Fantasy too long for their own good:

This is a group of those crazy Tarutarus, up to no good I'm sure.

Here is an interesting shot of Cali and the clear, blue sky.

Always obey safety regulations when operating a Crossbow:

My Thief got hit a total of twice (by TP moves only) doing Cali's Dragoon flag quest:

Killing Quadavs in Dynamis-Bastok:

Then being overwhelmed in Dynamis-Bastok:

Galbatorix (RDM), Valion (SAM), Enyae (THF), Sodako (WHM), Nivi (BLU), and me (PLD) meriting:

Anatomy of a Darkness Skillchain:

My new Club Weapon Skill, True Strike:

First Einherjar run with Revelations:

Don't go into the light, kupo!

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