Thursday, October 18, 2007

Does Not Belong.

I went chip farming in Pso'Xja with a couple linkies, Enyae and Jiaye (whom I refer to as WilyKat and WilyKit, respectively). It should be noted that I have a particular affinity for real-life couples who play games together. Having had that myself in more than one situation, I think it's awesome.

We got Jia's chip on the first mob or two, and took maybe another ten minutes to get mine. Now I'm ready to enter the Promathia mission in which I will be encountering Diabolos. Should be entertaining.

A little surprise was waiting for me in the middle of Southern San d'Oria the other day, as well. Apparently the zone didn't load properly, so I saw this:

Clicking on the Moogle gave me the speech text from the Mog House, but the menu/options of a Nomad Moogle. I chuckled a bit at this, just because it stands out amongst the scenery I've come to know so well over the years.

Back down in Sea Serpent Grotto, and after many more hours waiting for a pop, long after the spawn window once again, I can be sure of one fact: Charybdis does not exist.

Lastly, this week I have decided to attempt to go on some Einherjar runs. I honestly don't know much about this event, but Paladins were in demand. I was told it's a minimal commitment per week, which is necessary for me right now. Also, it seems I can get some PLD and DRG abjurations for nice gear, possibly along with money-making options. More details will follow as I learn and experience Einherjar.

Until next time~

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