Friday, August 1, 2008

Girls, Girls, Girls.

What can I say? I'm very touchable.

Only you can prevent forest fires.

"The fuck are you lookin' at?"

Interesting pose, but read chat log:

Punching moar, leveling:

You've got a firm grip on that pole there, kid.

This is Aphmau. She's going to have my babies.

The Dynamic Duo versus a big, stupid doll NM:

Every time Naja and I go out, we have a hard time getting in the cool clubs.

Wardrobe change!

"Slave away, puppet!"

"Work, damn you! Work!"


Out for the count - Nice shot.

Playing Scrabble with the boys.

"Draco! That is not a word!"

Oh yeah?

"What now, bitch? What now?!"

"Jesus Christ, Draco. Watch the temper."

"You're scaring the children."

"Yeah, dude. It's just a game."

Attempt to mount Automaton:

Automaton's revenge:

{Insert heavy breathing}

( ! )