Friday, November 2, 2007

Countdown to Turkey Day.

November is off to a slow start, but hopefully the pendulum will get to swinging soon. There's not a lot to be told as yet, but I've got some pics of recent happenings for good measure.

Here's a run-in with Narasimha, an NM in the Labyrinth of Onzozo. FM and a couple random Beastmasters we met killed it while I ran around being silly.

After that, I saw another NM in the vicinity and snapped a shot. Don't really know anything about the NM and was too lazy to look it up but I figured documentation was worth my 2 seconds of screenshotting.

Einherjar is going poorly so far, with two runs attempted and zero victories. The first time, we fought ghosts and a Wivre NM that we fell just short of killing before time ran out. The next run was worms and a Malboro NM. This should have gone pretty well, but rather than listening to directions we had some goober run forward and aggro the boss. Needless to explain, we all died.

More EXP with the WHM | NIN | THF static in Bhaflau Thickets on Colibri. I didn't have Refresh in this party but we did fine. Then later Valion showed up and handed me a bunch of newly-crafted Yagudo Drinks so I could Refresh myself at will.

Dynamis - Windurst gathering time for SpiritsofEvolution. I wish people would show up on time so we could actually start, because investing so much time into one event is getting old, particularly when I show up at the official LS meeting time.
This particular Windurst run was lame and I ended up a little miffed on a few points, but I'll save the specifics for another entry. Until next time~