Monday, November 5, 2007

Bloody (Annoying) Sunday.

I'll save you the trouble of deciphering that the source of today's title stems from my Sunday being fairly rotten. I started out in a decent mood, with the 60-ish static planned. We were all up and online pretty early compared to a normal Sunday, so I got right to the party building.

I found a Puppetmaster first, someone I'd partied with on a different jobs a few days prior. I knew inviting a PUP would make Sodako jitter a bit, which brings a smile to my face of course. I wanted a Refresh source and finally did find a Red Mage named Skelly. I'd recognized the name because he started a new Linkshell and commonly does recruitment shouts in San d'Oria. Sodako interjected in LS chat that this RDM gave him a weird gut feeling. More on that in a minute. I found a Japanese player named Toch, who was seeking 63 Dark Knight. His search comment, however, revealed that he had roughly five jobs in the 63-65 range. He chose Dragoon and we headed to Bibiki Bay to fight Tragopan birds.

We started out decent, but it was apparently right away that our RDM wasn't always paying attention. I'd notice after a battle that he was still standing up and had full MP. This wasn't happening every fight, but often enough for me to be miffed. Then the unfortunate occurs: we get a pop, it sound-links to the one we're fighting. It would be nice if a RDM would cast Sleep on the link, but apparently that was too much trouble. So, on WHM I used Elemental Seal & Sleep to put it out for a short while. The guys killed the first target after a few of us had dropped already. The Toch, Soda, and I started to log off in order to reset hate. I was glad I had Reraise II up because I just knew that thing was gonna wake up and cancel my logout. I was right.

I cast Raise II on Galbatorix first, and went down the line leaving Skelly for last. I was irritated at him and had asked him in /tell channel if our little party was bothering him. He decided quote: "Something came up" and he had to leave. He home-pointed and disbanded. I didn't mind at all. After some wait time searching, another Red Mage was on his way. It got a lot better immediately after the new guy arrived, but then the next wrench is tossed into the day's gears.

Leaving out the details, I had "real life" (huh? what is that, anyway?) issues to take care of and had to go away from the keyboard. This angers me because I plan out my parties and events with schedules in mind. I do not like leaving without notice, and I don't like interrupting my day with someone else's problems. Nonetheless, I told the guys to replace me in the party and I disbanded. My day of XP was shot and while I haven't asked the guys, I'm sure they left the party soon after. I told them in LS chat to just go on without me but knowing them, I can guarantee they didn't. So I probably don't have to take a pickup party to catch up, though I wouldn't have minded doing so.

Hours later, it was SpiritsofEvolution's Dynamis time. They were going to Beaucedine, which I have yet to attend and therefore win. I have two pieces of Relic I'd really, really like to obtain from the zone. I barely made it back online in time to get to the Dynamis before entry time, but just a few minutes shy of bidding for Relic drops. To be fair, I'm unsure how many points were bid for PLD or DRG... But I would have been more than happy to bid as many as I could to get dibs. Thus, I stayed for the Boss and the win, so I could get the Key Item and leave. I didn't stay for farming (like I normally do). During the run, I died quite a few times. This was mildly annoying but was compounding the poor mood of the day. By the end of Sunday's run, both PLD and DRG had dropped and I'd like to congratulate Titoeo and Atia, respectively, on their new armors.

And now it's picture time! First off, I'd like to share a picture of something that actually happened quite a few months ago. We were getting keys in Ordelle's Caves for Jogace, doing the RSE quest. He had just gotten a key after a while of killing, as I recall. After he acquired his key, we get three in a row... Seen here:

Illmatic and I finally met ingame, after seeing each other post on forums for a while now. He's a cool guy and we had a nice chat. Hopefully we'll see each other around more!

Saruka and I take advantage of a photo op:

Soda, Dyce, and I help my brother (Anacalius) get a Quicksand Caves coffer key for his Aht Urghan access:

My brother's mule plays Patty-Cake with Saruka... I think they need something to do with their time.


Illmatic said...

damn it's me on that one pic :O i feel honored

Saruka said...

Very odd facial expression, the Mithran /laugh is.