Saturday, November 24, 2007

WoGgles: The Pictures.

This post is for the initial Wings of the Goddess experiences. I've done a few things in the new zones so far, but when I get more time I'll probably explore a bunch more. As I've stated, I love time travel as a concept, so I am quite happy to run around and just see places that are familiar and yet different at the same time. Without further delay, on to the screenshots.

I unlocked Dancer, incidentally as a joke. For weeks now, I've been puzzled as to - A: why and B: how - this job was going to be implemented. Turns out I was pleasantly surprised, at least so far. The job has Dagger, Evasion, and Parrying skills that look to be roughly a B letter grade (not definitive as of this writing). The job consumes TP to use dances, and thus needs to be supplied with those TP as plentifully as possible. The fact that Hand-to-Hand skill was barely lower than Dagger (at least for now, obviously) coupled with Dancer's ability to equip Cesti equaled "Draco's Dancer." This being a DNC/MNK (yes, Monk sub, which from using /search didn't seem widespread among the populace) and using my fists instead of daggers. The first WS is Combo, which is a hell of a lot more useful than Dagger's Wasp Sting. Additionally, Monk sub helps TP gain and keeps me alive a little better. Combined with Drain Samba (essentially making me absorb HP every time I connect a hit), I had nearly no downtime.

Draco as a Dancer caused a bit of a fuss around the 'Navi LS, so over the course of the last couple days, many of the linkies have followed me around watching me act like a goof. Here, Sorjorn showed up for when I dinged 05, and acquired my first dance:

Fmtwo and Llewelyn chased me around King Ranperre's Tomb as I approached level 10. Much laugher and making fun of Draco occurred.

I happened upon Jaggedy-Eared Jack, a rare Notorious Monster in West Ronfaure that drops an accessory called the Rabbit Charm. I've killed him a few times over the years, but have yet to see a drop.

This is a shot of Batallia Downs [S] when Jiaye, Galbatorix, and I were heading to Jugner Forest [S] for a quest. The [S] denotes that it is in the past, the Wings era.

These mobs are pretty interesting-looking, though I've not fought many thus far. The name is hard to read, but says "Gnole." They look somewhat like werewolves or nasty moles or some such. At least it's a new graphic, 'cause recycling is bad, mkay?

I ran across this huge Sandworm monster while heading through the Batallia zone. It's an NM and a party was fighting it, but here it looks as if it's chasing me.

Here is a new version of the old bomb: the Djinn. This particular instance involved Galb and I getting rocked to the tune of 4K damage when this little creep exploded. Really cool looking mob, but unfortunately I'll be avoiding them for the rest of my natural life.

Here we have new Gigas mobs, which were Very Tough to me at 75, in the Vunkerl Inlet [S] between Jugner and Ronfaure.

Here's just a peaceful view of part of the Inlet zone. Lots of aggro even to a 75 here, but it's a decent place to run around.

From peaceful to dangerous, these new Orcs are not terribly friendly. Many of the Orcs in the past areas are same as the present, but these armored ones are new.

Ladybugs are an actual annoyance to me in the wintertime of Minnesota, but in the game they're an Easy Prey mob to my 75 which are amusing to kill.

Easily the most unique of the new mobs so far is the Pixie. These are EP to my 75 and do not aggro from what I can tell. Their graphic is cool, and they have a truly singular behavior that sets them apart: Pixies Cure and even Raise players. Run past one with low HP and they'll patch you up. Die near one and a Raise III is your reward.
I've also tried to solo near the Pixies with my Dancer. They've cured and raised me but they cannot be trusted! Sometimes, they just let you die.

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