Sunday, November 25, 2007

Transient Dreaming... Of You?

Dancer is proving difficult for me, which is simultaneously funny and incredibly frustrating. I started the job simply to screw around, but once I decided I wanted to take it a little higher, it suddenly became a bloodbath. I've died more times on Dancer going from 1 to 13 than I have on anything else for months. Perhaps I've just lost the ability to efficiently solo at low levels, I dunno. After all, it's been quite a while since I had a low job.

In other expansion news, Wings of the Goddess has begun to disappoint me. Once the initial rush wore off and I had seen what Vana'diel looked like 20 years ago, I found I didn't care anymore. There simply isn't much to do yet. I understand that Square-Enix likes to add content as we go, but WoG feels incomplete and hurried. I've already finished my quests and missions (except the Scholar job flag quest). Campaign is a nice idea, and in fact is right up my alley. Smaller-scale battles that occur across the world, and in fact often, are more manageable for me than Besieged. This Campaign NPC has a new set of armor that I'm anxiously awaiting SE to make available to players:

I've been on a couple missions in the Chains of Promathia storyline over the last week or so. I finally got around to doing Diabolos, listed as CoP 3-5, with Bloodless, Enyae, Jiaye, and a couple people we picked up in town.

First run didn't work out, but we rounded up a replacement for the Summoner we had and won round two. I was much more satisfied with my own personal performance the second try, so it worked out nicely that we won. Couple pictures here:

We ran over the plan and prepared to face Diabolos.

We died and took a little nap.

After the win, I got a nifty little title called "Transient Dreamer." I'm not sure why but I just like the sound of it. Of course it was almost immediately replaced with the WoG titles.

The next battle is against Ouryu, an Earth-based Wyrm. This fight, without getting into the details, didn't go all that well for us. We tried four times and didn't come away with a win. I'll bring a Paladin tank next time, 'cause Ninja was just way too flimsy against this thing.

Last but not least, Liabelle has hit 65 which is the Adventuring Fellow cap level. I had been working at this for quite some time so it was a nice little accomplishment. The Yagudo were being stingy with a coffer key, so fighting a bunch gave Lia the EXP she needed to finally level-up and acquire Wheeling Thrust. This also means I can make a Light Skillchain with Liabelle. Bonus!

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diabolos @_@ i'm glad, i'm almost through all that cop stuff!!!1111