Saturday, July 19, 2008

Mithra Magnet Man.

I'm a (fake) chick magnet. Saruka's neighborhood friend also plays FFXI and thus a new member of TheSolonavi is borne. Kidari is a Monk main, Mithra character. Our cat content is rising. So far I get along well with Kid. He's got a good sense of humor (a must for our shell) and even shares my affinity for the /dance4 animation. We ended up partying our Monks together through the mid-50s along with some other linkies. It was pretty enjoyable and we got some good XP gain as well.

When Kidari hit 55 and there was an opportunity for a break in the action, we swapped jobs and headed to Xarcabard for Genkai-2 (the quest that allows him to level past 55). Everyone in FFXI knows that G2 is an opportunity to see some big Weapon Skill numbers with one of the three required NMs, the Boreal Hound. None of us really prepared ourselves to break out big numbers, but nonetheless it's still fun to do.

Soda was trying to remember which NMs had which weakness, which opened the door for Saruka to make a simple-yet-funny comment after we killed the Coeurl (big cat-thing):

Won and done. Back to town to regroup the party and get 57 so we could wear Scorpion Harnesses. The SH is pretty much standard Monk gear for quite a while until the Rare/Ex endgame-quality gear is acquired.

Mithra time again. I randomly sent a /tell to Darex, whom I have known for a very long time but haven't been in contact with for a good while now. Just so happens he was up for becoming an initiate into the 'Navi LS. He had been playing Dancer as of late, at level 24. Incidentally, Soda and I had left off our Beastmasters at 24 (see earlier entry). Thus another small static party was formed. We headed to Qufim Island and kicked stuff around for a couple levels before hitting the sack.

Taking a few minutes of time-out after work with Popstar in my Mog House. Kinky. He had reached 58 on Red Mage and has all his Artifact Armor now except the hat, which we'll go get for him when we've got six hours to run across Fei'Yin to get to the first NM.

Lastly for today's update: Friday night I got home planning to run our BST, BST, DNC trio with Soda and Darex, but someone (not to mention any names) had difficulty reading a clock. No biggie, we adapted and the three of us instead joined Fmtwo, Clunkety, and Valion in the 37-40 range to have a full 'Navi party. I went Dancer, Soda tanked with Paladin, and Darex hopped on Warrior. I got 40 on Dancer which allows me to get my Artifact weapon (a throwing disc in this case, which should be helpful) and gives me two new abilities: Stutter Step which lowers magic resistance, and Reverse Flourish which converts my Finishing Moves to TP. Reverse is a nice move because it essentially allows me to enfeeble the monster using TP and then earn Finishing Moves to convert right back into TP. Seemed fun so far.

So, two new Mithra members to play with (that's also a sexual reference) and the job levels climbing. I like to see both. I'll be at work and so forth for the next 40 hours or so. Monday I have some other work to do that I really don't want to but if I finish it I can go see The Dark Knight Batman sequel and then Monday night is Assault night in Mamool for another chunk of my Amir boots AP. So, yours truly is pretty booked for a while. Fun stuff. Until next time~

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