Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Stick-It-To-The-Brits Day!

Random chatlog picture we'll call "DBZ and Porn."
That's all I have to say.

Galb apparently sneaking in the shell quietly:

I bought a Thalassocrat for my Dragoon.
I love the way it looks with my armor.

Garlaige Citadel coffer key hunting for my Monk:

Liabelle and the NPC Luto have a serious conversation.
Draconum pretends to listen and wears a funny hat.

My long-time friend Elminster has led a social Linkshell for quite some time now. He has extended his reach into leadership of a Dynamis Linkshell called TheDarkTower. Having left SpiritsofEvolution behind early this year, I decided to join up with Elmo's crew. Sodako, Galbatorix, and Saruka have all followed suit and bring our distinct Solonavi 'spice' to the soup of Dynamis. Below are a few shots of random death, dancing, and the dire consequences of talking about human anatomy in an LS of serious business.

The new /dance4 animation is a big hit with the 'Navi boys.

We wipe. But still we dance.

Related, but possibly confusing so a bit of background: A couple of the LS members aren't big fans of yours truly and my brand of humor. Leaving the names in the pic 'cause I don't enjoy whiners and also I'm too lazy to shoop it.
It should be noted that I have no idea what this Bellbottom guy was talking about as far as me "making fun of people" or complaining in any way. We goof around in shell and this kid comes outta nowhere sending me /tell chat about why I'm mistaken for being gay. Reading comprehension isn't strong this day and age, I suppose. Mooooving on.

That's all for today. Hope everyone has or had a fun and safe Fourth of July weekend. Until next time~

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