Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Reubin Sangwich.

I recently got my coffer for my Warrior AF hands. This is the second trip we did. The first time I had to spend a long time in Eldieme searching for coffers. However the second time it was in the first room I checked. Thank goodness.

I wish I hadn't even bothered opening the Warrior AF quest because it's honestly a waste of inventory space, except for one piece: the boots. My boots give me Double Attack bonus, while most of the rest of the AF does little to nothing I'm actually going to use with the added problem of Enmity+ all over it. The hands, which to date is the only other piece I've acquired, would be second-most useful due to its STR and Shield Skill +10 (useful perhaps if I'm tanking or soloing).

NecessaryForce LS has taken to Assault once again. Mamool-spam was the order of the day Monday night, which is to say we did four straight runs of the same mission. We're trying to get enough points for my Amir boots and... well, whatever it is the boys want.

Sodako took point (as he may be doing on many/most of these Assault runs) and guided us around the zone picking out and pulling our targets. Each run was easily handled and other than a couple times when one of us fell into the bottom section before we planned to, everything went flawlessly.

Everyone's favorite ambiguous Hume, Reubin, gets into a dance-off with yours truly:

Later we were partying and took some time out to boogie down:

Soda resting by a crew of cloned gilseller Tarutarus who moved in near us:

Violence as usual, with Valion on Warrior, Sodako on Red Mage, myself on Monk, Reubin on Dancer, some Thief named Bajin, and a very... "interesting" Paladin named Mikeyco. I may be misleading you a bit here. Mike wasn't so much interesting as he was terrible. I could rant for a while about him and Paladins in general pissing me off, but here are some highlights:
  • Sitting at full or near-full MP as a Paladin is a no-no. Actually more like a hell-no-no.
  • Upon remembering (realizing?) a Paladin can heal himself, he should stick to that plan.
  • Flash is nice. I'm glad you use it. It's Divine Magic. It's useful. You know what is NOT a useful Divine Magic spell? Banish.
  • Oh, and while we're on the topic: NEITHER IS BANISH 2, YOU FUCK.
  • Hi, I'm your Job Ability list. I contain many useful skills such as PROVOKE!

Despite the shortcomings, we did make a little progress. Valion was thankfully around to bail us out in the tanking department. Sodako did well keeping us alive and patched up. I did my best with two pieces of Crow gear (less enmity) to not take hate much or long enough to be a damage sponge. I leveled, eventually the party broke, and much relief was felt.

The effort to push Monk to 75 is well underway and since level 50 it's been a rocky road. Hopefully things will turn around as ToAU camps open up the XP gain.


Sodako said...

you gotta catch up the writing, already 57 D:

crawler's nest feels like forever ago

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you've heard this bud, but Darex stole Manywalks from me. Don't trust him man. Hate to see you lose Drac. Honestly i wonder if he's responsible for Purrverse too in heinsight. He's a real liar dude. Anyway, myspace/randomnumbers85 if u wanna add me sometime :D Talk to u later man.