Wednesday, July 9, 2008

You Will Be A Hot Dancer.

Square-Enix finally updated the Adventuring Fellow system to allow Liabelle to reach level 70. She has been level 65 for far too long now. In order to unlock this feature, one must complete a quest to raise the level cap. This was not surprising but I did not expect the nature of the quest. It turns out Liabelle and Luto (the NPC related to the Fellow quests) had been conspiring (as women often do) to get me into bed. I meant, to get me into a battle. Seems Liabelle wanted to see who was stronger.

I headed out to Fei'Yin to do this battle in the arena she chose. I didn't bother to prepare much for the fight and was wearing whatever happened to be on my Paladin at the time. I figured with as familiar as I am with Liabelle's strength I should have no trouble. I figured wrong. The Fellows show up to this battle in a similar/same job class as yourself along with a sub job perhaps chosen at random. I ended up with a Paladin-Liabelle with a Black Mage subjob. She wasn't all that difficult honestly, except that I wasn't geared to do much damage (comparatively speaking, since I was on PLD which isn't damage-heavy by design). I smacked her around pretty good and would have won if I could have outlasted her Cure IV spells. In the end I was frustrated and was not interested in making another trek across Fei'Yin.

Another day, another job, and another result: Dragoon with White Mage sub enters the fray and gives Liabelle some polearm-rape the likes of which she probably hasn't had since her freewheelin' teenage years.

She arrived with a Great Sword and a pet crab. I completely ignored the pet and just poked Lia repeatedly until she cried uncle. Kinky. Anyway, she's 66 now and will be more useful in another month or so when she hits 70 and can do some more damage for me when I'm getting myself into trouble.

Iferion and Djohn are both back in FFXI, and when the boredom of nighttime hits my LS, you know something's going to die. Case in point: the storm clouds gather outside the Fire Protocrystal...

Ifrit gets a taste of the 'Navi boys.
If you can't stand the heat... actually, nevermind.

My Corsair partied a little with Fmtwo and Clunkety, but left off just shy of 15 so I worked on it alone for a short while to get it topped off to the nice, rounded number.

It came time to do a little footwork with TheSolonavi in an effort to get Dancer capped off to subjob-worthy 37. Dancer is a surprisingly good sub so I of course can't leave it lagging behind.

Sodako - PLD/WAR (more on this below)
Galbatorix - DNC/NIN
Draconum - DNC/NIN
Fmtwo - RNG/NIN
Encino - RNG/NIN
Clunkety - BRD/WHM

This was a combination of jobs I'd never seen before in one party, but it worked like a charm. Can't say I'm surprised since 'Navi parties always seem to be functional regardless of who we bring or what the level gap is.

Related side-story: Sodako is playing Paladin, which was perhaps a source of apprehension for the both of us. I'll let the chat log screenshot do the talking, for the lulz:

To battle we went:


Later on after some of the crew went to bed, I solo-dinged 35:

The next day we were at it again, with most of the same people.
Krion (non-LS) came out as a SMN/WHM because Encino wasn't available.

Level up! 36...

Here's a decent angle of my antics:

Galb and I ding 37 at the same time:

After a re-grouping, we had Valion on White Mage and Saruka on his Dark Knight. Everything went well, this time in the Crawlers' Nest fighting beetles. Fmtwo swapped to Samurai and tanked for almost the duration of the session.


DNC39 - and an Xbawks hueg Galka:

Celebratory dancing!
I wish I'd gotten some shots of FM dancing 'cause it's ridiculous.

Random fashion pics:

Couple shots of the comet flying through the sky in the distance, viewable in Wings of the Goddess areas (i.e. the past).

The title of this entry is a reference to Fungus Amongus, if it matters. Until next time~

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