Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Poolside of Progress.

My work schedule is starting to even out, so I have more steady hours and more predictable days off. This allows me to plan more enjoyable and productive FFXI sessions as well as various other entertainment. So without further ado, into some quick updates-in-pictures!

A little relax time with Elminster after Dynamis - Bastok.

Leveling up!

Working on Tier 1 Assault in Mamool Ja's prisons.

Camping Ose... again... and it's still not dropped for me. Even though Sodako and two other friends have received Assault Jerkin drops for themselves within the last month. Good for them, but irritating to me. Stingy NMs and the Draco - NM curse.

Later in the Labyrinth, I walked near a whole mess of big guys:

Coffer key hunting in Kuftal for Encino's Samurai.

The biggest story of late is my Monk. I partied some more and have reached 51 and beyond, giving me access to my Kick Attacks. I love this Job Ability 'cause it adds even more damage to an already very steadily-producing job. My AF is essentially complete and I'm ready to skate on through the levels as soon as I get some decent parties going. Ugh.

I've got quite a few jobs geared up with current inventory so we'll see which ones get the most attention in the coming weeks. The "anniversary" of Draconum's and TheSolonavi's creation is later this month!

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