Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Black Coffin.

Closing in on Draconum and TheSolonavi's anniversary within FFXI. Closing in on 800 total levels which is sorta fun. Assault's going decent so far. I'm trying to spam Mamool but the allowed seven runs per week is too few, too frustrating, and quite a disappointment considering how much fun Assault is. I'm about 8000 AP into my 20000 goal for Amir Boots now.

I've been looking at Linkshells for endgame as well, this week. Still trying to figure out what exactly I'll be able to accomplish with a fairly non-FFXI-compatible schedule. I have a few friends who actually run or are co-leaders of shells. Then there is Omoikitte's shell, Versus, which I had all but decided on as the best choice about a year ago. However I wasn't feeling quite ready to tackle the events back then. I will be harassing Omoi again soon, I think.

That's all the talk for this entry. On to the pics!

Randomly saw Skeelo wearing Askar gear in Whitegate.
I started dancing and soon we both were.

Random slaughter of random, unlucky NM, Skewer Sam:

We tried to do an Assault against a bunch of Undead.

We probably should have paid more attention to what we were doing.
Lesson learned. I died.

Oh, and Valion died too. Notice Soda's comment:

Prepping for Treasures of Aht Urghan mission called "The Black Coffin" with the right kind of crew - Dragoons and a Popstar:

Some shots of the Black Coffin battle:

Draco versus the Captain of these corsairs:

And just to prove we didn't fail, here's a shot of the cutscene afterward:

Beastmaster x2 and Dancer crew reaches 30 and 31, respectively:

Not funny:

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Anonymous said...

Hey draco let me know if u get on before the end of the month wanted to see if u hold some things for me

thanks sg