Thursday, June 26, 2008

In Your Grotto, Filleting Your Fish.

First order of business:
What goes around, comes around.

Meeting up with Galb for some murderous action:

I can make Light Skillchains with my NPC now.

It's difficult to take myself seriously.
So I don't.

Traveling in style:

Draconum's MO:
Lure Mithra into his home, then make them dance.

Found fellow blogger Ringthree leveling... Black Mage, of all things:

Lots of Sahagin beatings:

Including Novv the Whitehearted, who drops a Bard coat for Popstar:

Dancer soloing (with LS buddies helping so I'd get done faster):

And that, ladies and germs, is June in Pictures. A little leveling, a little NM-slaying, and a few Moogle Staring Contests to get me through another calendar month. July is on the horizon, with many changes in life abuzz. Until next time~

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