Monday, December 17, 2007


I spent the latter half of my week out of town, enjoying myself. It was a nice little reprieve and now I'm back to the daily grind. I've been exploring a bit more in the expansion areas, but nothing too shocking to report just yet. They have indeed added the acquisition of the new equipment, which was nice. I will pick it up soon, I'm sure. On to the photo-trail.

This is Eldieme's little magic barrier apparently placed just to keep us corralled...

Here's a Pixie giving me a Cure as I run by. It's always nice to be soloing something, expect to rest up a bit, and be thrown a little magic from a passerby.

In Campaign, I've taken Dragoon a couple times now.
Here are a couple shots of my Wheeling Thrust making sparks fly:

My brother's Samurai was my level on Dancer, so I decided to show him first-hand just how much fun Dancer can be. Without need for any other party members, we tore through the mobs. After fighting in a duo for a while, his friend came out to join in on the action.

Dancer dings Lv.25, learning three new abilities.
Spectral Jig: Gives me the effects of Sneak and Invisible for zero TP cost, every 30 seconds.
Divine Waltz: Pretty much just like Curing Waltz only it works on the party.
Aspir Samba: Works like my Drain Samba, but gives MP drains instead of HP.

We died not long after.

After Cali and Zzir left, I soloed a little bit. Undead aggro got me killed, which is always reassuring. I didn't really mind, and I stared at my dead body for around 40 minutes while I was chatting in the LS. Finally I made note of my 20 remaining minutes as a joke, which prompted Saruka to come Raise.

Level 25 also brings my Shade harness, for style points, and Parrying knives, which are +10 Parrying skill. Clearly these are entertaining to a Parry-obsessed fella such as your truly.
I tried some partying in Yuhtunga Jungle, with hopes of gaining a bit quicker than I do soloing.
This is the part where you imagine me sighing to myself.

I think we all shop at the same store.

Lastly, the entry's namesake: hitting 25 on Dancer happened to also be Draconum's 750th total level. Somewhat of a milestone, this is, mostly because of all the ways players measure their success and their worth of playtime, I measure by EXP. I've always enjoyed being a jack-of-all-trades, and having both the utility and experience in as many jobs as possible. So for the purpose of both vanity and for later progress-tracking, I'm going to list a few pieces of level-related information.

  • I've got every job except Scholar unlocked, which will be done soon.
  • I have two jobs capped at 75. (Dragoon, Paladin)
  • My Adventuring Fellow is capped at 65.
  • Three more jobs follow close behind in the 65+ range. (Bard, Thief, White Mage)
  • I also have two jobs in the 50+ range. (Warrior, Red Mage)
  • In accordance, I have completed Artifact Armor sets for every job 50+ except Warrior, which has its first and most important piece only.
  • Three jobs have been leveled 40+ after their subjob-worthy 37. (Monk, Dark Knight, Samurai)
  • Nearly every job which is useful as a subjob is 37 or higher. Possible exceptions are Dancer, Summoner, and Ranger.
  • Merit points thus far total to 25.
Now if you'll excuse me, I have monsters to kill.

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Illmatic said...

gz on dnc 25 :D btw you need to fix the link to photobucket on the left! it says photobucker not bucket ^.~