Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Booger Campaign.

Why yes... I am indeed an adult who used the word "booger" in a title. I'm aware of the implications. As always, it'll make more sense by the end. Just go with it.

We start off with another instance of dubious honor: making the blog by dying! Fmtwo was using PLD/BST to skillup, or whatever it was he was doing. Ran into a little trouble, apparently, and I was already on WHM so I headed out for the Raise II. I'm hoping Raise III is around the corner for me, but we'll see.

In somewhat-Fmtwo-related news, I took my PUP08 out for a short run the other night. FM has leveled Puppetmaster a bit, reaching 40+ so far. I have disregarded PUP altogether up until now, for many reasons I won't get into now. However, three factors have brought it into play:
  1. Fmtwo has the uncanny ability to make me interested in whatever he's doing. He takes something and does it with logic and skill, while making it look fun.
  2. After playing Dancer, I soon theorized that DNC would make a good PUP subjob. I want to see what a PUP/DNC can accomplish.
  3. I've been spending quite a bit of time doing things by myself recently. PUP can be a soloable job, and particularly when combined with DNC it could be great.
I purchased myself some slops (love that for style points), a pair of claws to fight with, and headed out to Ghelsba Outpost. My automaton is named Calcobrena, and it's a pretty decent fighter in its own right. My fighting strategy was to "Deploy" Calcobrena toward one enemy, an easy prey or decent challenge at worst, while I fought a separate target. We'd get maybe 30-40 per kill, but simultaneously. The kills were fast, and the EXP totaled 80ish every... what, maybe thirty seconds. It wasn't an amazing pace, and it wasn't all that pretty, but the gain was very efficient. Level 9 and 10 came with ease.

Level 10 makes a level 05 subjob, which is when DNC gets Drain Samba. Thus, the next time I'm bored/crazy enough to take PUP out, I'll be able to toy with the effects of HP drain on each Hand-to-Hand swing.

Sorjorn and Supergirl, two long-time friends on FFXI, have recently begun logging in again after a little hiatus. They've picked up the expansion and have been spending time together doing Campaign Battles. Since I like to butt in on everything my linkies do, I showed up to WHM for them in ye olde Rolanberry Fields.

I didn't take any action shots, 'cause we were fairly busy beating up and getting beaten up by Quadav soldiers. In-between battles, the sun came out in spectacularly bright fashion, thus I declared it was time to sunbathe. The linkies followed suit and we were working on our tans happily. I got a couple laughs out of them, so it made the otherwise-tedious battle that day worth the trip.

The three of us were getting antsy and were teasing each other quite a bit this particular evening. Supes made a comment about Sorjorn's hair color being that of "Tarutaru boogers," which got us all laughing and fueled the fire of silly behavior. Here's a shot of the hair in question, a close-up of "The Prof":
Tarutaru boogers? You be the judge. After I made Supes take off her hat to compare hair color, Sorjorn retorted with a pithy quote: "Shit brown." I couldn't help but laugh. I'm glad my orange hair is usually compared to fire or San d'Orian carrots.

Moving on... The Starlight Celebration has begun! In earth terms that amounts to "Christmastime" but hey, whatever works, right? I have been told Jeuno got some silly holiday music, while the three home nations have their halls decked out with lavish decor. In addition to previous years' event items (Dream hat & coat, which are Santa clothes), this year brings Dream boots. Also, we get furnishings that look like the traditional Christmas stockings, as well (one for each nation's color scheme).

The first couple years I played FFXI, I was on break each holiday season and thus did not get to have a Dream hat. Last year I did get the holiday hat for my mule, but this year I'll go all-out and acquire all the goodies. For now, I'm off to do some work. Until next time~

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Supergirl said...

Hiya! Had fun doing campigan with u and sorjorn. Its actually pretty fun and I am glad me and sor are actually doing more stuff together. I am glad you came out we had lots of fun of course and tons of laugh never a dull moment with you ^^.Thanks for all the smiles and laughs your the best! We shall campigan again soon "Yes, Please".