Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Aftermath.

The holidays have caused some stumbling for ol' Drac-man. Between playtime and perhaps other factors, I haven't gotten much done with him. Hell, even trying to track down a female Elvaan Paladin who is level 38 or higher has proven difficult. This Starlight Celebration wants very specific traits on a character, in order to complete the quest and obtain my prize. I'm hoping before the year's end, I'll get my full set of "Dream" (read: Santa) clothes.

Monk has been at a standstill. I've tried partying with no results, both from seeking and from being in actual parties that went nowhere. I also tried soloing some but it got pretty dull. This partly being because I'm not sure what to kill at 47 that I can do solo without much annoyance and for a fair EXP gain. Then two of the linkies and I went out to the desert to take on Tough-to-Very-Tough beetles at Revelation Rock. We did them well, but one of the guys got tired and I disconnected, which kinda nixed the evening.

I have held off on Dancer a bit, both to get back in the mood for it and because I may be duoing with someone and I'd rather wait. It's 10 levels away from being a full subjob, which is all I want right now. Puppetmaster has been using the Dancer subjob and PUP remains my main pastime during the last couple weeks.

It's time to end this year. I've had quite enough of it! On to the screenshots...

San d'Oria is so purdy with all its decorations and trees! I'm a sucker for Christmastime, so here are a couple shots of the city I see so often, now looking different:

I was in Bastok briefly, and got to see only a couple small areas at the time. One of these being what is in my opinion a very cool-looking tree placed at the Port Bastok fountain:

Back home, I ran into LS member Clunkety, and we sat down for a chat-session until we realized our day was quickly disappearing:

Remember this holiday season: Every time a bell rings, a Tarutaru gets its wings.

My favorite Moogle-that-doesn't-belong returned to Southern San d'Oria the other day. Here he is, floating around like he owns the joint.

It is a law of the FFXI universe that if Encino and I try to go do something, death will result. This time, it was his Beastmaster and my Puppetmaster killing things. Ourselves, mostly.

My PUP has, however, reached 14 on its own accord. I can now wear a couple pieces of gear that will propel me toward the 20 range.

Since I will and already have been asked many times already: my Christmas experience was not too bad at all. I divested myself of cash to buy gifts for people (my two smallest siblings, mostly). There wasn't any of the typical family-coming-together drama. No baby-mama drama, nothin'. I ate a lot, which isn't really characteristic of me. In fact, I gave myself a stomachache on Christmas day, because I ate lunch and then a big dinner. Orz.

It is something of a tradition around my family to make tacos and so forth on Christmas Eve. We did so this year, which was nice for me since I was gone the last couple years. I ate quite a bit of it, just because I like it, which isn't a very good practice but I made an exception. Christmas day we had prime rib, twice-baked potatoes, glazed carrots, deviled eggs (a personal favorite), and a bunch of other stuff I can't hardly remember.

As for activity, it mostly consisted of opening my little brother's toy packaging, installing batteries and assembling various things, and watching The Office. I got hooked like a fish on this show. It's probably coming close to a second-place spot on my favorite show list, behind oft-touted Sports Night. The characters, dialog, and crazy circumstances/situations of The Office get me laughing so hard I can barely see straight. This is rare, for me, because it generally takes a lot to get me going. I pretty much used every free waking hour as viewing time (which amounts to me staying up all night watching episodes).

Overall, it's been a nice little Christmas. Nothing spectacularly good or shockingly bad happened, so it ended up being very relaxed. And believe me, I'm okay with that. Until next time~

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