Sunday, December 2, 2007

December: It's the 12th Month.

I actually am taking the first few days of December off FFXI. Just a quick break to get some other things in order. I'll be back at the end of this upcoming week. There's an anniversary coming up, as well as some work and personal issues that'll occupy me until then. But first, some photos of recent happenings!

This is the way a chocobo should look, only there should be a Chocobo Knight on the saddle. Oh, Square, why do you treat Draco this way?

I was bored the other night and Dyce was in Boyahda Tree skilling his Great Sword with some of our mutual friends. I joined them, and in the process, Dyce's girlfriend Aynee unlocked the Spear of Trials, which is nice. Dyce also almost got me killed once, but we survived.

Here are a couple shots of our last 65~ish static party. One of which is my 65th WHM level, and the other is me getting curious about Mithra RDM hotpants.

Encino and I were doing separate objectives around the WoG areas, and poor Imp forgot that he gets aggro here. Upon leaving the Garlaige Citadel, he did just that: got aggro, died. Thus, I changed my itinerary a bit, and headed to his location for a rescue.

Afterward I ran up on top of the spine-looking structure. For no reason, here's a pic:

This lizard monster is a new Wings of the Goddess addition along the path from Jeuno to ye olde Bastok.
Because I said so, here's another shot of the Pixie class of monsters:

To finish this entry, some surveillance of a mysterious character I found in San d'Oria. Clearly, he is not to be trusted.


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Is that new monster in the current time or do you have to go "back" in time to slap it around? PS. I heard Illmatic likes shemales. End Key.