Monday, June 11, 2007

Team Spirit.

Mee Deggi the Punisher is an NM in "the Bird Cage" who drops the Ochimusha Kote. This is an important, shall I say pivotal piece of gear for Monk, Samurai, and Ninja. Hunting this NM isn't terribly difficult. He pops every hour pretty much, and the placeholder mobs are easy to spot. He's even easy to kill, being a relatively low-level NM for the reward. Why then, do I have such a hard time getting my O-kote? Because Mee Deggi is also a real asshole. Claim after claim, kill after kill, hour after hour, Mee Deggi refuses to just let me off the hook. One of these days...

Sodako and I were somewhat bored the other night, and headed into Bhaflau Thickets to kill some colibri for light XP/LP. I gained a merit, then posed for the camera in some armor I don't normally wear, just to see the color setup:

In other news, I was referred to a Dynamis LS by a couple old friends. I needed to go through what is similar to an interview with the leading members of the shell, to see if I was well-suited for them. They asked me a few questions, and I asked many more. After a little consideration, I accepted the offer and joined SpiritsofEvolution. Turned out, when I equipped the linkshell, I know approximately half the members already. That was a nice surprise. Within a couple hours, it was already time to tackle our first Dynamis run.

Dynamis-Bastok was set to be the order of the day. Due to being away from the game for an hour or so on business, I almost didn't make it to Bastok in time to zone in to the event. Fmtwo, a good friend of mine, was serving as my alliance's main tank, for which I was thankful. We were wiping out groups of Quadav creeps in short order.

The sheer chaos that is Dynamis really gets me going. I like this endgame event better than most alternatives. There is a limit to how often you can even go, which cuts down on the commitment to a videogame, it's a fun setup pitting numerous players against numerous tough monsters, and the the rewards can be quite cool. My first run with the shell is designed as a trial of sorts. By rule, new members are not allowed to receive Relic drops on their first run with the group. However... a pair of Wyrm Brais dropped.

None of SoE's members had DRG relic on priority, and Fmtwo asked the leader if I could lot it, since the only other Dragoon present at the time already had all five Relics. LS leader put it to the shell, and the members were nice enough to vote that I could take it despite being the new kid. I was happy with that, not so much because I wanted the armor (honestly I didn't very much), but because I walked into this LS and so far everyone's been very cool.

The boss NM for Dynamis-Bastok was quite handily dispatched without me even realizing it was the boss, and I had my first Dynamis win. We still had 75 minutes on the timer available to farm Relics and money. The members thinned out with those who had to sleep or go do other things taking off for the evening. I had nowhere to be yet, so I was happy to stay since I was enjoying myself. Quite a few Relics dropped this run, including SAM, MNK x3-4, BLM, RDM, THF, and of course my DRG. It was a very successful run, and we came so close to clearing 100% of the mobs.

After Dynamis I was watching Lost DVDs and leveling my NPC-companion in Oldton Movalpolos, a Goblin haven. It's a semi-fun place to hang out. Usually pretty quiet in there, and there are plenty of targets to kill. Being that Movalpolos is controlled by beastmen in this week's Vana'diel conquest, it also suited for my Liabelle wardrobe project. I called her all five times for max number of kills, and also happened to run into another NM.

Bugbear Strongman drops a pair of pants for MNK, a pair of pants for SAM, and apparently, he also drops big piles of forget-it-Draco-I'm-not-giving-you-shit. The last two times I've been down here, I've hunted around the Strongman spawn area, claimed him three times, and have received nada. Neither armor drop, not even the basic bugbear drop (Bugbear mask). What's my reward been? 31 Gil. Gee, thanks.

NMs: Not on my good side right now.

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