Thursday, June 7, 2007

Busy Bees in the Beehive.

Well, we came off a slow-ish week to having a lot on our plates. The next week or two will be busy and chaotic for the LS.

The following AF sets need completed quests/coffers:
Galbatorix: NIN
Sodako: THF
Dungeonwhipper: DRK
Noodles: WHM
Me: WHM and RDM

That alone is quite a bit to do. Then I've got Treasures of Aht Urghan missions I'm working on, Dynamis LS to join and soon be raiding with, Chains of Promathia missions to do, Sky access mission to complete, and some NMs to hunt for a few good items.

Yeah, that's a lot. And it's gonna be interesting.

So far personally, I've done my boots for both mage jobs. I'm still on the hunt for Ose and my Assault Jerkin, and have added a Minstrel's coat to the list.

That'll be nice for Bard. Wind Instrument skill is killer, usually expensive to buy pieces to enhance.

The next thing I'm going to hunt, which shouldn't be much difficulty, is Bugbear Matman, who drops Rutter Sabatons.

These are for DRG in particular, but PLD can also wear them for raids. I'll later have done Assault events for better boots, but these'll do nicely until then. Well, better get to work! Cheers~

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