Saturday, June 9, 2007

Small Update: Pictures.

I have some shots from recent activities to share, with minimal textual interference.

This first pic is from the high 40s-50 static group. The location is Quicksand Caves.

Here is my girlfriend, the Dark Knight with butterfly wings.

Here's Galbatorix and I farming his Sea Serpent Grotto coffer key, killing the fish-like Sahagin.

This is from a party I was in @65 Bard. Tyock is a Japanese Paladin, and I do not know why she was dressed like this. The body piece is Haubergeon, with -20 Evasion. I dunno about her, but when I tank, I like to not force myself to get beat up if I don't have to...

This is a random Dragoon I saw in Aht Urghan. The body armor is a new piece they just recently added, and I liked the look of it. The blue helmet is Dragoon Relic, the Wyrm Armet.

And finally, before I head off for the day, I'll share what I bought a day or two ago. This is something I've wanted for a while, and the price used to be sky-high. In recent months, it's been deflating. I have been sitting quite a bit of savings for a while, unsure what to do with it. I skimmed through my jobs and found that I really have little need for gil at the moment, due to owning lots of property as it is. Thus, I started bidding as low as I could on the Barone body armor, and finally got it for a reasonable, affordable price for my wallet.

This piece is going to be the alternative with the Assault Jerkin I've been hunting. In regular XP parties, I'll often be using the AJ, because +18 attack and +3 accuracy is better than the +13 attack. Obviously I don't particularly want Enmity (monster aggression) on me, so with a Ninja tank I'd somewhat avoid the Barone as well.

However, in soloing, Barone is great. I solo with DRG/WHM, which has 1HP/3sec Regenerative effect. Add in the 2HP/3sec from Barone, and I'm set. The defense rating is good as well.

The "Jump TP Bonus" is another factor altogether. For DRG/WHM, it helps add a couple more TP to help make up for the slower TP gain usually associated with mage subjob. For DRG/SAM (which is my current favorite DD subjob), I'm gaining TP pretty fast as it is. SAM has a Job Trait of Store TP which makes my melee swings gain 15TP each. Add in the Job Ability "Meditate" which gives me 60TP in a matter of seconds, and I'll be able to Weaponskill quickly. Then we get to Jump TP Bonus, which is on two of my gear pieces, the Barone body and Barone legs. Each gives 2 extra TP, and on DRG/SAM I get 20TP per jump. Assuming I land both Jump abilities, that leaves me with a 40TP gain and a 60TP gain in between Weaponskills.

I split these when I play in XP parties, and am able to Skillchain with two party members if applicable, or to simply add in more damage over time (DoT) when solo-WS'ing. In short, I love this piece, and it was well worth the purchase. It doesn't hurt my feelings any that it's damn gorgeous, either.

That's all for now. Until next time~

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Sodako said...

grats on the piece, definitely does look awesome