Wednesday, June 6, 2007

June Update Day, 2007.

Monday night my girlfriend was watching movies with her sister in the living room. So, I half-watched while partying with Bard65. Got around 26K XP in the all-Japanese group. They weren't the best party I've had lately, but pretty good. Got 66 (can Reraise now with WHM subjob) and we split at around 4-5am.

Tuesday morning I slept through almost all the maintenance for Update Day. Did the update as everyone else was doing, checked out the article detailing the changes, and logged in.

Of the new armor/weapon additions, I am intrigued by one piece in particular. It is a Rare/Exclusive (meaning Non-price-gouge-compatible) polearm for my Dragoon. It's got high damage, decent delay, and a couple great bonuses. Double Attack and Store TP. These are components that make me giddy. There are also a couple sets of armor, one for WAR/PLD/DRK and one for mage jobs. Definitely nice stuff, but not really on my radar right now.

We partied the 50~ish group Tuesday afternoon. Nothing amazing to report, though I did die twice during the session. Everyone gained a level, Galb leading the pack at NIN51. We'll be doing quite a few AF quests this week, I suspect.

I did my RDM AF boot quest and the new transport quest for San d'Oria. I can now set my Home Point in Sandy and be able to teleport to Aht Urghan Whitegate for a nominal 300G fee. I'm all about transportation options, being that this game is so time-consuming. Best part: avoidance of Whitegate lag, which is extreme most days.

Rest of the week is pretty much quest blitz. Should be entertaining.

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