Monday, June 18, 2007

Meat Shield Capped.

It was a long time in coming, but I finally did it. Paladin had been my first love, my main job for as long as I can remember. Despite Dragoon coming into the picture and passing Paladin up, I've always been a tank at heart. Sunday night, it finally came to partial conclusion. I dinged 75PLD and the world was taken aback. I suppose that's the reason fate decided to even things out by giving me what seemed to be my first migraine. Yeah, that sucked. I spent the night with a skull that felt as though it was caving in. Happyfuntimes.

Rewind to Sunday morning. My cellphone rings at around 9AM. I'm not awake that early most Sundays, but I was happy to receive news that my good friend Encino was returning to the game at last. Encino's a Tarutaru, BLM72 main job, so he fit right into our plans for 70s static that day.

We started off with the idea of doing Uleguerand Range, hoping to find King Buffalo. Well, we never did find the target we wanted, and ended up with a camp fighting Kindred demons. These mobs are among the tougher mobs to XP on, and it showed. Our party really should be 74-75 before we try them again. All in due time. We got crappy XP gain, and after a while Encino and our THF had to go. Caedarva Mire it is, just to make up for lost ground.

The Mire is a place that not everyone likes. I've come to enjoy it, due to the fast pace and of course the easy XP gain. My girlfriend seems to love it, so that's always a bonus. We gained about 23K before it was finally quitting time for the day.

Since the last post, I've tried Ose again (which didn't yield anything), partied THF and got to 65, and finished my WHM and RDM Artifact armor sets. Picture time!

Here's THF party, with Thazienne on RDM and his brother & friends.

Here's a conga line randomly started by bored players waiting for Besieged to begin.

And finally, here's me traveling around doing quests, taking a moment out to look at the nice graphical backgrounds in this game.

Until next time~

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Thazienne said...

You forgot to add that Ose didn't show up. :( That freaking cat is being a pain in my ass. Grats on 75 PLD again! Things are coming together now, booooyaaaaaaaah!