Thursday, July 26, 2007

Let's Rest for a While.

I'm taking a bit of a reprieve. Life has been rather complicated lately, for lack of a more detailed explanation. But, things have finally come to a head, and are mostly looking up. Ingame, this means I'll probably be going on a short break. I'm not entirely sure how this will all play out, but I'll need some time to get it all sorted. I've been playing a bit of some other games in my free time, as well as reading and so on. FFXI is an afterthought right now, and will be on the back burner for a bit.

That said, nothing much is actually going on in Vana'diel for me right now. I did acquire some Horomusha Kote, with Monk and maybe even some Ninja and/or Samurai leveling in mind.
MNK was 34 when I got them, and rests about halfway through 35 as of this writing. It's been a matter of soloing quite a bit on Easy Prey and a couple rotten, next-to-no-gain parties. I'm going to try to get a little more progress before I go on break, but no particular plans. Whatever I feel like doing pretty much.

SummerFest is on again (Sunbreeze Festival officially). Goldfish scooping is back, as well as moogles in town selling swimwear and yukatas to celebrate. In addition, evenings bring fireworks and festive music in and around the town areas. I like SummerFest because it reminds me a lot of the time when I started FFXI three years ago. Obviously, starting in July meant SummerFest '04 started shortly thereafter. It was the first event my brother and I saw in the game. Fun stuff!

I happen to love summertime, and hot weather agrees with me just fine. I love sunshine, long days, and cooling off with a cool drink or icy treats. Bring it on!

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