Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Un Poco Loco.

"A little crazy." Pretty much sums up the last two weeks or more. Things have changed, and changed quite a bit. To skip details and go to the headlines: I spent a week on vacation in San Diego visiting my uncle, and I am now currently staying with family in Minnesota.

Yeah... Hawaii --> Southern California --> Minnesota. That's a lovely change, wouldn't you agree? I'm ambivalent just how much I like the whole situation, but overall it is indeed what needed to happen for life to progress and get on the proper track.

So, I'm busy working and settling into my new digs. So far, so strange. I have a very interesting cast of characters I'm living with now (the family, of course). It's nearly enough entertainment just observing the events throughout the day. Almost don't even need digital entertainment. Almost.

FFXI is starting to creep back into my mind. Admittedly, I haven't thought about it for more than a minute or two for about two weeks or more. There is talk about the August update making waves, with some cool possible additions in the works. Apparently they're going to tweak Weapon Skills and add some new equipment for use in the "offhand" slot of two-handed weapon users. So far, I've seen a picture of a weapon attachment which gives -3% weapon delay for a two-hander. The possibilities are promising, with an idea like extra parry skill or something along those lines.

I'm anxious and motivated to get some major life things accomplished right now, so my gaming might be more structured. Usually I just screw around and play whenever I feel like it, but right now I will shift my focus toward the objectives that have come up.

In comedic news, Feiwong apparently got his bought/stolen character Hyuga banned by SE. So he's out of my Dynamis Linkshell and on to whatever new character it'll be. I got some chuckles from that.

Well, that's about all for the update. Within a day or two I should know if I'll have an internet connection stable enough to be viable for playing. Then I'll go from there. Until next time~

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Thazienne said...

Enjoy your break. Looking forward to your return and more Ose camping =D