Friday, July 6, 2007

Roller Coaster.

Random Picture of the Day: Double-fire weather in Rabao:

It's been a rather hectic roller coaster the last week or two. We as an LS have seen some fun things as usual, but also some really crappy luck at times. NM hunting on Mee Deggi and Ose have continued (to shaft me), but we did get Supergirl a Sirocco Kukri. It's a nice dagger for her THF, and the camping was fairly entertaining. It's a contested NM, so we had to head to Cape Teriggan and wait amongst quite a few other hopefuls.

Just as the wind weather started (the requirement for the NM to spawn), I had knelt down to rest a few MP. Sure enough, that very second I see the faint outlines of the big bird. I stand up right away, and snap my Jump / High Jump macro a couple times, seeing Supergirl and a few of our competition running at it. I got the claim, and incidentally got to finish off the NM as well. It was a nice perk to the end of a rough day for me. Supergirl was ecstatic.

On the meriting front, I've spent a few merits on DRG and PLD, including recast timers for Job Abilities and acquiring a new JA, Chivalry. This allows me to convert my TP to MP every 20 minutes. I can further merit this to 17.5 and eventually 15 minute recast. I've used it already quite a few times in merit party and NM fights alike, and I'm pleased with the utility of Chivalry, heightening my durability.

Dungeonwhipper has finally hit 75. This was something I'd been working toward since I met her, essentially. She was level 50 and had been for a year already when we got together. I started dragging her along on parties whenever I could, and we've finally reached the goal. So good for her; though I was more excited about it than she was, it seemed.

Also worth noting is that my LS now has two 75 DRGs. Galbatorix hit the cap shortly before Dungeonwhipper did, making it his 2nd time to 75 (as well as two more within a few levels of it). Sodako is 73WHM as of this writing, and I know he wants that finished up despite not particularly enjoying it as much as he did previously. Encino, having returned to the game recently, is 73 BLM, and hopefully that can be moved as he gets time to play.

My Warrior has been geared up and leveled to 46 now. I enjoy it fairly well so far, and always have liked my first job. I used to tank as WAR when I started out, since advanced (unlockable) jobs were much rarer. Now, I'm essentially a backup tank if needed, but a damage dealer by definition. At 48 I get to equip Viking Axes, with +10 Accuracy on each. With those and a Life Belt (+10 Acc as well), my performance increases a lot. Naturally I'm looking to get level 50, so I can start my quests for what will be my seventh Artifact armor set.

In a saddening turn of events, another good friend of mine has decided to leave FFXI behind. Vysala was the leader of a linkshell called KnightsofSandoria, which was a small group of friends and never grew past that intimate arrangement. Vysala and her hubby, as well as her in-game buddies invited me to their static in the 50~ range a long time ago. I ended up joining their static and taking a pearl to the LS. We had some great laughs and fun parties, and even after the static divided we all stayed friends. Vysala is one of the sweetest people I've ever met and this game will be different for me now that she's gone.

I have a signed item from her and these parting shots to remember her by, and I salute Vysala a heartfelt farewell. I hope all goes well for her in the future. Take care!

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