Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Internal Strife Variety.

Random Picture of the Day: Liabelle, my NPC Adventuring Fellow, dons almost the whole Coral armor set as we tackle Promyvion for a Tactics Pearl.

My Warrior is intended to move forward. I really do want it to level. I'm not even kidding! Why does it remain stagnant in the mid-40s, then? Sheer, unadulterated incompetence. Honestly, the parties have just been straight awful of late. Nonetheless, I'm dedicated to at least getting WAR to 50 before holding off. I may end up storing the gear, working on Artifact quests for it at my leisure, and picking it up again later down the line. Warrior just isn't doing it for me right now. I like the job in general. It's relatively entertaining to play, too. The slow pace the last few weeks and the fact that tanks, to be blunt, suck, means I've been killed more often than I'd care to admit and can't get much done.

In the White Mage life, I've hit 56 (and read my Raise II scroll at last). Sodako is loving his Thief progress and that makes much of the difference to me. WHM doesn't mean a whole lot to me, and the job is starting to bore me in my current moods I've been in. However, knowing that playing WHM for the linkies creates more entertainment/worth for me.

I haven't been to Dynamis lately, for a couple weeks probably now. Two basic reasons for it:
1) Feiwong is rumored to be in the Dynamis LS under another new character, which puts me off if it's true.
2) Real life job situation has been busy and Dynamis starts in early afternoon for me. Too busy trying to sort out the important stuff to bother holding everything off for 3-4 hours for Dynamis.

I do enjoy SpiritsofEvolution so far. They're a good crew; they're very strong event-wise, with many jobs and skills available. The leaders are nice and approachable, and I've addressed the Feiwong possibility already. We'll see what happens, 'cause if I find out it actually is Feiwong I'm not going to be comfortable. So far it's been determined by the leaders of SoE that it's not him. I sincerely hope they're correct.

Rounding out my usual main objectives, I'm sad to say I haven't merited much in a while, either. Come to think of it, I'm not really even sure what the hell I've been up to in FFXI over the last week or more. Honestly I think I've been putzing around and/or discussing life with friends more than anything else.

We've had a little bit of conflict within TheSolonavi (my LS) of late, which is always a touchy thing for me. People in my shell almost always all get along great; that's how I pick people in general, for their willingness to accept weirdness and be weird themselves. Sometimes having "big" personalities or strong-willed people all in the same place at once creates a little strife. I've seen it before, and I hope it evens out soon. I love my LS and I love all the close friends I've got. I hate being in the middle of something I can't truly control without acting like "dad." Despite having a nickname of "Papa Draco" before, it was for different reasons and I'm not going to place myself in the middle of choosing between friends. It'll possibly leave me angered by adults not getting past some conflicting views or behavior of each other, but I have to say my piece and let the cards fall where they will. Not everything a friend does makes you happy, but being their friend usually involves living with it and accepting them anyhow. This is a lesson I've been reminded of in my life as well as in FFXI.

So, overall things have been, as this entry's title suggests, riddled with strife of different varieties. Both inside and out of FFXI, I'm unsure of what I'm really going to be doing in the near future. My life usually finds a way to balance itself out, sort the issues, and get me through just fine. I'm at the point where I have done about as much as I can do, spreading myself thinly across all these different aspects. I can only have faith that I'm going to see better, more manageable days soon enough.

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