Wednesday, May 20, 2009


This game hoses me so often, it's a wonder I haven't drowned. I went on a Sacrarium run for Chains of Promathia mission progress. I come prepared, with extra healing items and so forth. I follow directions from the guys who've done the missions before. Overall I think I'm doing pretty well.

We get to a four-way intersection with a "True Sight" monster (read: he sees you even if you're invisible). All you have to do is wait for the mob to turn and walk down one of the paths a step or two and then you run behind him and go about your day. Simple enough. Except when the universe notices that Draco's trying to do something positive.

My character gets glitched through the floor when I go around the corner of this intersection. I end up down in the pool below (where there is no entrance nor exit normally). There's no way for me to get back up. The monster sees me, and drops down to kill me. Sodako calls for a GM in hopes that s/he will move my character back onto land I can actually walk around on. We wait. For an hour.

After an hour, of course, my corpse is automatically home-pointed to San d'Oria. The GM shows up and essentially tells Sodako that shitsux sometimes and wished us better luck next time.

Now in all honesty, I expect to be robbed of things from time to time. I actually think it's good for me 'cause it keeps me from getting too comfortable. The part that annoys me is that there were six or so other people on that run. They all had their night ruined because of my glitch. SE's glitch. Whomever it belongs to. Point being, I felt badly, and irritated.

Draco: I'm here to win.

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JP said...

that was definitely the most hilarious and fucked up moment I've witnessed since I came back