Thursday, May 28, 2009

Come Together.

Little by little, things are moving along in this last month or so. Having some fun, getting a variety of things done. If I didn't know better I'd almost think Draco is really back! But alas, no long-winded post this time. Photographic montage!

Random Picture of the Day:
I kicked a bird. In the face.

Promathia Mission 4-2: The Savage

"Come, brothers! Prepare shitstorm!"



These pics are a little outdated. Each Wednesday night I've been going on CoP mission runs with a friend of mine and his Linkshell mates. As of this writing, we are going to be doing Promyvion - Vahzl next Wednesday, having completed Ouryu and Sacrarium (albeit with hiccups).

Since returning to FFXI this time around, I've been more focused and goal-oriented. There are far fewer of my friends left in the game these days. That's certainly not the way I want it but it does come with the positive aspect of fewer distractions. Fewer people to do quests for or help out in whichever way means more time for doing what I actually need or want done. Less random funny stuff going on means the enjoyment of the game comes from a different place now, for me. So far, so good.

Galbatorix and Jogace from TheSolonavi have made recent appearances, and I'm told Djohn has poked his head in as well. Sodako returned shortly after I did and as of a week or so ago my brother Anacalius is back. Fields of Valor everywhere - we're having fun so far. We'll see how long it lasts. I'm trying to get focused on perhaps some events and endgame but my work schedule is going to make it interesting.

The "Chief" returns: Galbatorix and I are ready to get into trouble!

We killed the Tachi: Kasha beetle NM for Thazienne:

Level Sync parties with buddies!

Anacalius death!

Jogace and I rest up for Dark Spark - completing his Dark Knight Artifact quests.

In other news, Dancer got a couple levels while screwing around in a Level Sync party in Qufim:

Chaining nicely in merit party:

Ro'Maeve soloing on Monk:

And on Samurai in Qufim:

Finally some time alone with a Mithra:

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