Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Panty Raid.

Illicit title, and I'll get to that topic shortly.

Monday was spent in our static party 45~ish again. This time around was much less painful than the previous. We didn't have Noodles on WHM today, so I played main healer on RDM. We picked up a BLM and used my girlfriend on her DRK.

Dungeonwhipper's DRK/WAR as first voke for SATA, Sodako's THF, Galbatorix's NIN, my RDM, a Japanese BLM named Sacrifar who is a very good and fun party member to have, and we had a couple other rotated members throughout the night, a PLD and a MNK if memory serves.

We begrudgingly retraced our steps to Garlaige Citadel, praying the experience was better. It was, and virtually no real problems occurred. I think Sodako pulled 1-2 links the whole day/evening. Before heading off to bed, Galb mentioned the JSE for Ninja being something he'd like to have. The Job Specific Equipment is a series of different body armors acquired through a quest. This quest involves traveling into the Phomiuna Aqueducts, a level capped area, and farming for items.

Well, Galb is one of my closest friends in TheSolonavi, and he hasn't really required or asked for anything lately... plus it sounded like fun to raid the Aqueducts. Therefore, Tuesday afternoon I set up a Panty Raid. This name of course is because the aforementioned item we need to farm is a subligar, which is panties, duh.

The setup was as follows:
Qiron: BLU/BLM
Renzo: COR/RNG
Valion: WAR/THF

All these guys were friends and/or LS members, which was great. Furthermore, this party worked quite well for this area. My only complaint at first was that only a couple of the guys brought Silent Oils. Thus I was casting quite a bit of Sneak spells. When we got a lock on the desired monsters we wanted to hunt, we were in business. The mobs were called Fomors, which are undead versions of our playable humanoid races.

As for drops, it went splendidly. About the second Fomor Ranger, we got a subligar. Valion won the first lot cast. Killed a couple Fomor Ninja, and sure enough, Galb's dropped. This trend continued for the remainder of the run. Pretty much a couple kills per subligar, which is darn good luck. In fact, we ended up getting the Ranger/Corsair JSEs for two people, and that is one of the more rare pieces.

At the end of the day, I walked away with the DRG, NIN, and one of the two RDM subligars. (Not the RDM one I was hoping for, but circumstances didn't allow hunting the correct mobs for it.) Galb got JSEs for his NIN and BRD. Qiron got BLM, and the last two were the RNG/COR drops. Everyone got what they came for, well, other than me, kinda. I'd rather have received the Glamor Jupon, but I came away with the Cerise Doublet.

All in all, it was a very smooth and successful Panty Raid. I was pleased. For those keeping score (None of you? Really? Too bad.), I now have JSEs for: PLD/WAR, DRG, BRD/BST, RDM/BLU/BRD/PUP, WHM/SMN, and NIN.

June update brings lowered difficulty for Chains of Promathia missions. This is convenient because we've decided to take care of Promyvion missions for a couple LS members.

Stay tuned~

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