Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Get a job.

Put the job levels away and consider: What job are you?

I'd like to touch on this topic since it was on my mind. It used to be, back when I started FFXI, that you chose your job at the outset and that was you. We all chose a job, we had grand visions of one day being ultra-powerful and saving the world, all that good stuff.

You'd tend to see people choosing jobs that fit their personality, to some degree. Or at least what they perceived themselves being. Mother of two might choose White Mage to nurture her friends. Thirteen-year-old brat chose Monk so he could punch things, etc. I'm speaking in generalities of course, but you get my drift. Everyone wanted to be a _____ . Something, right?

Along the line somewhere, we all found the subjob quest, whereby you combine two job classes. This led to everyone playing a support job, raising its level to complement our main career. As time went on, we've all pretty much started leveling multiple jobs, usually considering a few different classes our "main projects."

If you're reading this, you're likely a player, so one could assume you've also played multiple jobs. So my question is: What job are you? Which job, due to its personality and style, suits you, the player? If we might be allowed to treat FFXI as a metaphor (as I often like to do), each job could represent a different type of person. If not by the job's natural representation, then at the least by its playstyle, or how it is often used.

Take your friendly-neighborhood Draco for instance. I started out as a Warrior, back when WAR was a tank. I naturally moved on to Paladin when the time came. I now have many jobs in the "higher levels" of the game, but which one suits me as a person?

I usually end up tanking on quest/mission/AF runs for the linkies. Being the highest tank in TheSolonavi, if someone needs something dead, I tend to use PLD, if not by choice then by necessity.

In my real life, I am the eldest of five. From a young age, I helped raise and care for my siblings. Now, in XI, I take the "big brother" role once more, leading a linkshell and using my Paladin to protect and care for my friends.

I enjoy playing all jobs and being a jack-of-all-trades, so to speak. When push comes to shove, and something important must be done, Draconum is a Paladin. I feel comfortable in the job, I feel I do the job well, and I will likely always regard myself as a Paladin first, with everything else behind it.

So what job are you? I'd love to hear thoughts on FFXI jobs if you're willing to share. Think I'm nuts and that we don't match our online personas in any way? Send feedback and let me know your opinion!


Sodako said...

WHM might be an obvious answer, with helping with stuff, spend a lot of time doing that with friends in reality, but then part BLU as well because I'm shaped by my surroundings a lot, I don't think I really have any one job that clearly fits

Drac said...

I think that one annoying DRG we know would be better suited as a PUP. Just 'cause... y'know... lol and stuff.

Sodako said...

heh. . . yea it'd fit him well

Thazienne said...

Thief - Daring to be different? I've always played the rogue type, but with a heart of gold, lol.