Thursday, June 4, 2009

Spankings and Beer.

I've been doing a lot of killing Weapon mobs in Ro'Maeve. Mostly solo but sometimes Sodako joins me and most recently, Kidari came back and joined me with his Monk for a bit. Using Fields of Valor pages, I get 1300 bonus after six kills. The RDM targets are the rough ones, but other than a few deaths it's been pretty smooth. The second picture here is of a Rare/Exclusive head piece I got from a treasure casket in Ro'Maeve. It's useful when soloing here because the Arcana Killer effect acts like a Paralyze spell at random times. I'm level 67 as of this writing, and I'm now anxious to get 75 and to get my Destroyers weapon.

"Meet Promathia" Zoot says as we reach the chamber housing a statue of the Twilight Creep. CoP is going well so far with Unification LS. I like the CoP storyline a bit, though in the interest of full disclosure, I tend to dislike reading story in this game. Perhaps because I see so little of the story at a time that it becomes difficult to follow what has been going on despite there being quite a deep and involving backstory behind everything that's going on in Vana'diel.

The Promyvion - Vahzl run planned for last night (Wednesday) was in danger of cancellation when the leader/organizer had something come up and had to log off. I asked him before he left for some tips since he's done the missions before, and he obliged. So with the help of Acacia and Sodako (thanks guys!) we fumbled through organizing ourselves and heading into Pso'Xja and then Promy - Vahzl. Despite some doubts on my part that things would go smoothly, we in fact ended up going well. Might have had one death from aggro somewhere along the line but that's about it. We made it to the Spire of Vahzl, meaning we now can warp straight to the final boss. Cross your fingers so SE doesn't find out I'm making progress and send ghost assassins after me.

There was a Puppetmaster running around by himself, which led to the comments in the chat log:


Various beasties in Promyvion:

More chat log innuendo:

It might just be me, but this is a funny pic/chat log combo. Take a look at what is going on first, and then read the chat log. Tell me you don't see that.

My brother and I were in a party recently with Zooted and another LS member I hadn't met yet. I played White Mage for them in Yhoator Jungle at level 27ish, level-synced. Let me tell you if you don't already know: Playing a mage job in low-level areas with the Fields of Valor bonus Refresh is amazingly easy. I didn't think it'd be that much of a difference, and maybe it was just the fact that the party was pretty good anyhow, but it just seemed so much more efficient.

Here are the comments that spurned the title of this entry:

Finally, in an effort to keep an eye on the prize, a pic of the boots I'm trying to get with some tedious repetitions of Assault in the Mamool Ja area:


Sodako said...

yea honestly I was kinda surprised we even killed one of those bosses, but hey, good stuff that we did. only shitty thing is that funkdoc is thinking of doing the BC on the weekend, which I intend to convince him not to do.

Anonymous said...

Looks like ur having fun! Well Trav and I are back!! I am gonna work on lvling the rest of my jobs ect have fun nothing to big unless someone needs help. Hit me up on game message me when you get on.

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