Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Monk-ey Business.

Since returning a couple months ago, I've had a lot of fun but I remain somewhat frustrated with the game overall. Despite the steps in the right direction which I've discussed in previous entries, in the big picture FFXI is still fairly incompatible with what I want out of it / myself. In other words, as I get more "serious" about upgrading gear and doing events, I am once again reminded that it's very difficult (if not impossible) to fit this game into a real life schedule with work and other commitments. I don't see how some players manage it. Whining aside, we've still accomplished a fair amount lately. And more importantly, I've had some good times with long-time friends, so it's worth staying in Vana'diel for now. Plus, I do have the Popstar to insult and motivate me.

My main focus in recent weeks has been Monk - a dedication the likes of which I've not been able to muster for a long time. I am loving the job. The push for 71 to get Asuran Fists and 73 for my Destroyers (likely the last weapon I'll ever use on MNK) has been enjoyable and pretty efficient so far.

Supergirl and I apparently shop in the same clothing section.

Yesterday was a merit party which was an EXP party for me. We got to what I believe is my highest chain so far but I can't remember for sure. Thus, since I've recorded this one, I'll go from here.

Happily using my Monk for various tasks and raids now as well. This was a coffer key run in Eldieme:

Last night, the 'Navi went on two NM runs. The first was for my Asuran Fists Weaponskill. It was a Skeleton-type which can be difficult. Unless you have blunt damage. Who does blunt damage? Oh, three Monks will do the trick. Supergirl and Bloodless both came as 75MNK, I was on my 72MNK, Sodako came as 75WHM to make sure we didn't commit dumbicide, and another helper named Knowledge came on 75BLU. Overkill? Yes, it turned out to be, but that's a very good thing. Why, you ask? Because I'd rather just steamroll a fight than end up with what happened next.

I had promised Jogace we'd finish up his first set of Artifact Armor, for his Dark Knight. So, we headed to Delkfutt Tower on Qufim Island to fight what we figured would be a fairly straightforward battle. One Arcana-type "Weapon" monster, and two skeletons. For whatever reason, 'skeleton' didn't register with me that we should be sure to bring Monk support, in spite of the previous events that very hour. So, Sodako was on SAM/DNC, Jogace was on DRK and I was on PLD.

We lost pretty huge. Soda says it was largely due to the BLM-job Skeleton hitting him with an ancient magic (read: el rape-o). In my opinion it wasn't looking good anyhow. I don't mean to be pessimistic, but when I'm holding the other two NMs as a PLD while they kill the first, I can generally tell how it's gonna go. My health was dropping pretty quickly in comparison to the damage we were doing. Skeletons are just bitches like that and the Weapon was no pushover either.

To wrap up a long story, we got lucky when farming up the pop-item for Round 2 (second kill, in fact) and we went back with Supergirl on Monk, Sodako on WHM (which always seems to be an ingredient for success), me once again holding two mobs with PLD, and Jog still on DRK. This went much better. I almost even completely solo-killed the Weapon, but it had nasty MP and TP-draining abilities which slowed my progress. Anyhoo, we won and Jogace got his Chaos helm.

Upcoming for Draco: Assault should be tonight with Galbatorix and Sodako (I'm 5K points from my Amir Boots, so this week is it!) and I'll use Campaign battles to get my last 11K of EXP for 73MNK, thus equipping Destroyers and starting on the WSpoints to unlock them. I can't wait! Wednesday night is one of the Dynamis run times for a Linkshell I just picked up. Sounds like they could use a Paladin and I could use some Relic. I'll give that a shot this week and see how fast their mages fuck up and let me die. I've also geared up quite a few of my other non-essential jobs so I can pretty much jump on anything (now that Level Sync exists) and be helpful or have fun.

Here's our parting shot - a "you had to be there" moment but even if you don't get it, I'll get a smile out of it when I look back!

There goes the bravest naked knight in all the land of Norg. (Deathwarping ftw)

Until next time, Draco clocking out~

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Walrus said...

"I don't see how some players manage it."

They don't have an active social life. They may think they do, but they really don't.