Friday, June 19, 2009

Going Organic, And I Don't Mean Bananas.

I got a pretty sweet slasher.

I plan to use this as my Paladin's toy until or unless I get a Joyeuse. My Company Sword isn't going anywhere, either. They're not pictured in the shots below, but I have set myself up an attack/accuracy outfit for Paladin so I can more efficiently destroy things when on raids. I don't do endgame PLD outside of Dynamis (at least yet) so I'm unconcerned about having what everyone thinks you're supposed to wear as a tank. Therefore, spare me the criticism. Matter of fact, my unconventional Paladin setup always worked great throughout my career up until now, so I'm not exactly insecure about knowing what I'm doing.

Couple weeks back, the 'Navi LS mates were partying on Lesser Colibri and we took in a new member of the family, so to speak. Mrbuckets was a Samurai in the party, and while I'm not completely familiar with his repertoire, I know he's also a DRK75, as can be seen below. Here's Bloodless, Sodako, and yours truly helping Bukkkets with his Ground Strike NM:
He seems like a cool guy so far. I'm glad he came.

I actually have quite a bit to write but alas, I have to go to work so I'll post early in the A.M. with more. I've been a fairly busy fella and I have a few plans for upcoming FFXI goals and adventures. Signing off for now~

Oh, my Monk wants one of these, by the way:


Sodako said...

I'm jealous of your organics even though its a waste of money, and we'll get the shura some day. . . I know we can

Anonymous said...

thats a cool sword + ur title made me click.