Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Campaigning Without Politics.

I've been punching my way through any creature I can find for EXP. It's been a slow and tedious process at times, but I'm enjoying it. The statistical inefficiency of soloing and fighting in Campaign battles is offset by not having to deal with idiots or pay attention to the game for long periods at once if I just want to half-ass it. Some would argue that I always play half-assed but we're gonna ignore that for the time being.

I've certainly fought plenty of different targets in the Campaign battles, and here are the pics from the last few weeks:

Sometimes I get killed. Y'know, once in a while...

Sometimes I get hugged. Monsters are just insecure after all...

I've thrown a couple of "legit" parties into the mix, generally when friends are available.

At long last, the culmination of the last couple months' effort, reached while doing Fields of Valor in Cape Teriggan:

Now that Monk is 75, I will pick something else to finish off. I'm thinking Thief could be my Campaign job (so I can continue to rank by participating) and White Mage can be my partying job. They're 65 and 66 as of this writing, respectively. My brother is doing Warrior at the moment so that doesn't really appeal to me. Samurai and Dancer are still geared up and ready to go, so I might putz with those and see what trips my trigger. Ninja is pretty much ready to go but that'll be a non-party project more than likely.

Now for a couple oddities.

My brother and I replied to this comment at the same time, which was a little amusing:

For the finale today, a chat log that warrants an explanation but isn't going to get one:


Sodako said...

You got 75 pretty damn fast. Grats!

Anonymous said...
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Digital Bagel said...


This is Iaito from Odin, just trying to catch up with the past. If you happen to check your blog anymore hit me up!

Lets catch up!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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