Monday, October 6, 2008

Screenshot Splashdown.

Okay, these are in no particular order. It's a collection of shots I've taken during recent misadventures. At the end is an example of the only real reason I wish I'd been playing FFXI on PC all along: screenshots of conversations in the chat log. There would be so much hilarious content to share and look back on someday. But, ever since I changed to PC I've tried to keep funny quotes. TheSolonavi LS is usually having some sort of weird convo that's often difficult to follow, but always entertaining. Before we get to that...

Time to see what Draco's been up to lately!

Do I really need a reason to take pictures of me in a crown?
Don't answer that.

Galbatorix and I found time recently to get together for some Yagudo slaughter. We got some decent drops and made some pretty good cash along with the improved EXP levels.

My Monk partied with these guys.
The party was bad, and one of these guys was an idiot.

Playing with Level Sync in the dunes with Kidari and Sodako:

Zooted and Kasuma had me along for more Level Sync goodness, which eventually led to me hitting 59 and 60 in lowlevel zones. This was a surreal experience.

Morion Worm NM while we were there:

Hit 60 on Monk twice, actually, due to a delevel:

Landed precisely on 60 this time, in fact:

More Level Sync action, this time on DRG:

Killing random things with Liabelle:

Soloing in Garlaige for a few days led me to running into a bat NM called Old Two-Wings. I beat it senseless, along with all his little friends. 'Cause I'm hardcore like that.

Wandered through Xarcabard using Raging Fists on various targets to see the numbers:

Which led to fighting demons in one of my favorite zones:

How many people can say they have uppercutted a beetle?

And a Chuck Norris kick for good measure:

Dem bones:

Lovers. (Sigh):

Sodako got the White Mage body armor Relic piece.
Much deserved, and looking good:

Not to be outdone, I bought then posed wearing a Demon Helm:

Monk, prancing about in Promyvion:

Bard, creeping toward 75:

Me taking issue with a PLD for O-hat use,
which always makes me feel icky.
(To be fair he tanked fine.)

Me cuddling a taru during a break in the action:

These guys were pretty good:

I got an invite from some Linkshell mates.
It was a fun party:

Posing in San d'Oria under event decor:


Undead Swarm, my favorite Besieged mobs:

Then we have a very interesting quote in my chat log:

Hello to you, huge-ungous dragon thing:

Supergirl and I had a session of murdering things in Garlaige Citadel before my net connection pooped out on me and cut things short:

DRG/WHM doing decent numbers soloing Colibri:

There's no excuse for showing off bare Elvaan leg:

This shot actually comes from Sodako because I wasn't online when it occurred. Apparently they were discussing Puppetmaster, and this pic he entitled "PUPmetaphor" was born:

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